Two partners, a passionate team working in project mode, thanks to an ecosystem of partners, companies and specialists.
Since its beginnings, Expert Innovation has flourished in a collective creation space gathering a dozen start-ups and agencies with various activities: design, photo, graphics, video, events, digital, recruitment, media.

After several years of consolidating the start, we want to develop the up by grouping our activities under the registered trademark OPEN IN, symbol of open innovation. Because open innovation brings a major paradigm shift in the business world: the common good becomes at least as important as profitability. On some projects, it is even the primary objective, allowing competitors to collaborate. This approach is essential to assume and manage the complexity of today’s world.


To bring you the best of our versatile experience in the fields of events, communication, creativity and training.

By working in these four areas, we fertilise the field of possibilities. For us, the common good, customer satisfaction and the pleasure of working together are all part of the same impulse, the same requirement. While profitability allows us to progress, our objective remains shared success.

Over the course of our contracts, we have come to the conclusion that large companies have the human resources and budgets to deploy a department dedicated to innovation with a management team. On the other hand, small and medium-sized companies have difficulty integrating creativity and organized collective intelligence into their development. The new collaborative digital tools, thinking methods using visual thinking, rapid prototyping, organization schemes, are not sufficiently used in some sectors despite an urgent need for reinvention.
We want to democratize, simplify, and propagate all these resources by facilitating their understanding and access.


Our privileged fields of intervention


  • Added value animation
  • Company event visit – Guided tours of exhibitions – Open doors


  • Collective ideation sessions – Kick-off – Hackathon organization

Performance & Well-being workshops

  • Exclusive concept “Between Noon and Two”
  • Turnkey multi-thematic workshops held in the company

Accessories and communication concepts

Exclusive creations of the agency:

  • First stretchable textile bracelet with HD printing – Pride of belonging – Custom QR code models
  • Interactive QR code kiosk – New internal communication network for companies
  • Speech Up – A mobile podium designed as a space for speaking and visual communication at the heart of your event.


Association of talents, collective commitment, shared success.
What a satisfaction to create together!
Thank you for your trust.Association of talents, collective commitment, shared success.