Jacques Pary

in innovation

20 years of experience, a network of premium partners,
propose you his skills to:

1. Mentor your creativity workshops
2. Accompany your products/process develoment
3. Liven up your events


your creativity workshops

The facilitator’s mission: to understand, to feel and to reveal


  • Foster the emergence of solutions
  • Give substance to your ideas
  • Produce and test in real time
  • Make you save time and money
  • Widen the circle of opportunities
  • Implement sustainably good practices in the company
  • Develop individual and collective creativity


  • Concept for workshops, methods to structure thinking, tool boxes for tailor made solutions, Fab Lab, visual thinking, partner sites proposing stimulating worlds, creative but rigorous spirit.
  • New concept of modular and tailor-made workshops inside the companies


  • Practice of creativity during missions with Kaos Consulting
  • Ideas provider for events agencies
  • Initiation to the different market solutions.

your products/process development

Strong and pragmatic experience in product development
From the idea to the market launch

Skills in intellectual property
Two patents, fifteen registered models and trademarks.
Experience in these sectors
Large retail / Banking / Digital world / Industry / Event / Textiles / Everyday life products / Human ressources / Pharmaceutical companies

Liven up
your events

Give confidence to the participants, enhance them and master time.

Examples of missions directly linked to innovation:

  • Eco buro Days ( 2 days / TV set )
    Konica Minolta ( Comsquare agency )
  • Convention 3D print polymer et métal
    Total (Plateforme agency )
  • Innovation Awards
    Conseil Général du 91 ( Plateforme agency )
  • Prospective Day ( 2 sessions )
  • Inauguration Transports and People
  • Inauguration Living tomorrow
  • Round Table : The safeguard in our digital time
    Bibliothèque Nationale de France

More information: www.jacquespary.com

New features

Opportunities of co-development or collaboration

If you’re an investor, industrial or supplier
You can receive a list of projects in progress. On demand : contact@expert-innovation.com




Espace de création

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